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What a Carve Up! - Jonathan Coe

"Mr Arthur Scargill, however, comes from quite a different background: a lifelong union agitator, a known Marxist and an all-round troublemaker with the glint of battle in his beady little eye. So I put this question to you: which of these two figures would you rather trust with the future of the British mining industry? For this is the point about the miners’ dispute. For all Mr Scargill’s scaremongering rhetoric about jobs, families and what he likes to call ‘the community’, the argument isn’t really about any of these things. It’s about efficiency. If something isn’t paying its way, you close it down. It’s one of the first – and simplest – lessons that any businessman learns. Unfortunately Mr Scargill, bless him, doesn’t seem to have learned it yet."


Most brilliant depiction of pro-Thatcher populist hypocritical tabloid columnist ever!