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Love is all you need, right?

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

Mid 20s sweet quirky girl of working class descent storms into the world of mid30s handsome, successful, ridiculously rich, quadriplegic guy who is also an impossible arse, under circumstances that I won't get into, because if you decide to read this book, the less you know the better.


This is a love story developed through a rather cookie-cutter plot with several clichés, but it touches on some pretty controversial issues too, such as quality of life, the right to decision making and dealing with ethical dilemmas, as opposed to just talking about the love of the incompatible (obviously, that’s in the bag as well).


The prose is very accessible, simple and to the point; nothing fancy, but not bad either. The story is slightly predictable and occasionally too melodramatic for me. I also found Moyes’s sense of humour a little uninspiring actually; it’s decent and forgettable on the spot.


But despite these flaws, the characters are relatable and real, and I grew to care for them as I read on. That’s not a little thing at all.


Overall, Me Before You is an interesting and emotional love story, which is trying to be a little bigger than it truly is, but, still, has a heart to remember.