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Alright alright, I admit it; I'm actually watching the UEFA Europa League final match on TV.

But what am I supposed to do during halftime anyway?


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European Literature Night takes place May 14 in cities throughout Europe, with readings, performances, panel discussions and more.

Prague’s Literature Night will take place in Žižkov and includes work from writers near and far. There will likewise be events held in cities throughout the Czech Republic.

In Amsterdam, authors, including Czech writer Jaroslav Rudiš, have submitted a text inspired by the theme “Famous Last Words”. They will discuss what they wrote during the evening.

In Bratislava, actors will read Bohumil Hrabal’s Postřižiny as well as Víťo Staviarsky’s Kale topanky (Dark Shoes), which you can read an excerpt of in B O D Y if you aren’t able to get to the Slovak capital by this evening.

Kiev’s Literature Night has Czech writing, including Milan Děžinský, whose work you can read in B O D Y.

London’s event, chaired as always by Rosie Goldsmith, has Polish author of The Assassin From Apricot City as part of a group of six writers at The British Library. Read an excerpt from The Assassin From Apricot City in B O D Y

In London there will also be a spotlight shined on graphic novels, with a panel discussion that includes Czech comic artist Lucie Lomová, creator of Divoši (Savages), “the true story of a Czech ethnographer who befriends a Brazilian tribesman and brings him to Prague in 1908”. For those of you who don’t read Czech, there is also a French edition of the comic.

There is a lot of other great stuff – British literature in the subways of Yerevan, readings of Zakhar Prilepin in Sofia, and much more.

European Literature Night 2014 Program

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