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New Year's Reading Resolution


Might as well try to crack some of my doomed to stay forever unread books!


1. Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

I bought this book when I was 15, but I've never got as far as page 10. I'm very familiar with the plot, but to actually read the author's words is always always always different. I started it yesterday and I'm not quitting. I love it!


2. Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon 

I've been dying to know if I fall within the lovers or the haters since forever and there's only one way to find out. (Although that's the exact same reason I read Infinite Jest last year, only to discover that falling somewhere in between - I simply liked it - is totally possible).


3. Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

A less annoying case, being relatively new and all, so I have plenty of excuses with this one. Still, I've given it a go twice already, so I might as well rise to the challenge. I don't want to read essays about the linguistic and structural miracle anymore; I want to read Cloud Atlas. (It goes without saying, that I refuse to watch the movie while the book is still in the way). 


4. In Search Of Lost Time - Marcel Proust

I've gone as far as halfway into Swann's Way before. Then I realised that the writing was so seductive, I almost didn't want to leave my flat, so I gave up. Plus, it was June and this is the quintessential wintery read (I don't know how I came up with such a silly idea. Proust in the summertime?) I doubt I'll start it again this year, but a gentle reminder-to-self might work wonders with the subconscious. Who knows?


5. Persuasion - Jane Austen

Same embarrassing story as Wuthering Heights. Identical! I bought these two on the same visit to my local bookstore when I was a kid. There is DUST on the actual Penguin Classics paperback.


Happy 2014 booklovers :)

- Eleni