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Vader's Little Princess - Jeffrey Brown

Just a few minutes ago I reviewed Darth Vader and Son, which was cool albeit a little inconsistent.


Now this is the Absolutely Necessary Sequel, because every bit of it rocks. And it's interesting that 9 out of 10 - I'm guessing - fellow Star Wars geeks think it lacks in comparison actually. (Yet one more proof why reading other people's reviews is such a pleasure).


What is fantastic about this novel is that, instead of just the young-year-old-and-still-preppy years, we move on to Luke and Leia's teen years and the focus is now on Leia.


Which is great, because Leia is a girl, she's rebellious, she opposes her dad's authoritarian tone and fancies Han Solo. Needless to say, daddy doesn't approve of the scruffy-looking star pilot; and Lando Calrissian seems nice. In any event, even if Leia borrows dad's imperial shuttle and brings it back all dented, Darth Vader exhibits remarkable self-restraint: "It's just a phase... just a phase..."


It took me a while to decide upon my favourite drawings, because they were all so bloody marvellous!