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No, you can't play with Han Solo and that's final

Darth Vader and Son - Jeffrey Brown

I am a Star Wars nerd and I don't see this changing soon, especially considering I STILL REVISIT EPISODES IV - VI FROM TIME TO TIME (I can't resist the magic).


[... I hope I am not supposed to use spoilers down there. I mean, let's be reasonable. This is one of the most iconic quotes in the history of sci-fi film and one of the worst kept secrets in the history of ALL film]


I am hence very glad that someone took the time to pay a tribute to Darth Vader's most awkward moment and the revelation of his fatherhood, "No, I am your father" and no, I don't mind the deviation from the films, because it's intentional, and besides, if there was no deviation, what would be the point of the book in the first place?


This novel is sweet and funny and, as I'm trying - possibly unsuccessfully - to point out through the following photos, it even reflects the struggle of good and evil within Darth Vader's troubled soul. 


My only wee problem here is the inconsistency. As I went through the drawings (it only takes about 10 - 15 minutes really and it's fun), I thought: amazing - amazing - love it - blah - awesome - boring - wow that's my favourite - I don't get this - blah - double blah - amazing!


But definitely a fun read overall.


I am posting some of my favourite drawings of the book below and I'm off to review the sequel, which by the way is even more charming!